Essays on reality, God, good, evil, and the good life.

An Overview

The essays which follow are intended to offer, in summary form, a comprehensive, modern view of life and the world. Together they express a creativist worldview. They begin with very basic topics like "what is real" and "how we know things" - or think we know. Inevitably this leads to the big picture - who or what is God, what sense can we make of evil, and so on. From here the focus shifts to our planet and ourselves: who we are, where we come from, where we might be going, and what (if anything) we can do about it. There are lots of unnecessary boundaries around our thinking, which these essays try to dissolve.

The eleven essays have titles which are fairly self-explanatory but a bit humdrum. Here are some spiced-up alternatives:

Because the range of thought is so big and at times overwhelming, a summary is included as well. This summary has a structure of its own. It puts us in the mind of the average person of goodwill who is not necessarily religious but wants a better understanding of life and how to live. There are three basic considerations:

    • How we can make some sense of our everyday experience

    • Why we should be good and what that means

    • Whether there is any reason to go any further and be "religious" or "spiritual."

There are plenty of reasons but in the end the choice is up to the individual. This is part of the glory of being human.

Lastly, there is a list of 20 key points which encapsulate the creativism described in this website: the creativism which integrates ideas from science, philosophy and religion and offers an ethical platform for future living.