Seven Leaves from the Tree of Truth

There were the first seven days of creation, the seven last words of Christ, the seven pillars of wisdom, and now seven statements encapsulating the beliefs of Creativism.

Our world, diverse and disordered but one, is a magnificent truth, looping endlessly through creation and fall. Creation occurs when this cosmic truth, as potential, is brought to life through the exercise of individual will, assisted by chance.

Where the world comes from is a mystery, beyond limits and beyond definition. It is the ultimate mystery and so majestic we call it Divine. Part of the Divine mystery is Providence which sustains us and which people honour as God.

In equal measure, the Divine mystery produces things that we call good and bad. Regardless of their effect on us, they are all necessary for they contribute to the overall balance of things and the ongoing energy of creation.

Why the universe is as it is, where it comes from and what may become of it, we humbly admit we are too small to know. We know only that we each contribute to the overall advance of creation and that we are free to choose how we do so.

Everything that exists is, as such, equal, and being equal it is by birthright free. The best use we can make of this birthright is to help each other be fully free. We do this through being truthful and kind and opening ourselves to all possibilities for freedom.

Human beings have devised many approaches to life which are ingenious but partial and therefore imperfect. We acknowledge our own limitations in this regard and confess that the highest truth is found only through humility and sharing.

The existence of humankind, and maybe the world as a whole, is limited, but insofar as we rise out of our oneness and give ourselves to others, we enter effectively a new life, a new plane of being. This is again, in micro but with macro potential, creation at work.